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4S is for the Kids!

How do you get a group of kids to think Tech Writing is cool? Apparently by feeding them sandwiches. 


For Career Day, a local elementary school invited members of the community to speak to their students. Our Tech Writer Amanda Vierling accepted the challenge and was assigned to a group of 3rd graders.


To make the overview more entertaining, Amanda introduced the children to 4S by asking them if they had any idea what a silversword was. There were many interesting answers, but no one was able to guess that it was a plant. After showing them a picture of a real silversword, she pointed out the use of the plant in the company's cool new logo.


For the activity, she pulled a page out of her own middle school experience and asked the students to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but with a twist. Basically, as the leader Amanda asked the children how to make a sandwich and then followed their steps exactly. When the children said to "put the bread on the plate" she put the entire loaf on the plate. The class thought this was hilarious. Eventually they were able to make a proper PB&J sandwich, which was cut up for a snack everyone could enjoy. The activity was deemed fun (and/or delicious) and several of the children said that tech writing seemed interesting. The kids were also brib...er, gifted small notebooks, pencils, and erasers to help them with their possible future writing career.


Amanda was repaid in doughnuts and hugs. She considered it a more than fair trade, since doughnuts are basically currency at 4S. 




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